I Am Providence

One of my first internet adventures (probably around 1993) was to find and print out a picture of H. P. Lovecraft’s grave in Providence.  The printout is long gone, but I can still picture the graininess and remember how long it took to print.  Now I live 45 minutes away from his burial spot and am long overdue for a visit (and really a pilgrimage to various HPL sites).


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December 20th, 2014 by Fr. Greg

The Whisperer In Darkness Trailer

One of my favorite H.P. Lovecraft stories, The Whisperer In Darkness, is soon to be out as a movie.   I have been trying like crazy to figure out how to actually post the trailer here but I am still not familiar enough with this new software, so you will have to check it out here.  The first guy speaking (playing Charles Fort) sounds exactly like one of the voices on South Park but I couldn’t make the connection based on the IMDB entries.    I am a huge HPL fan; I have read all of his fiction, some of his poetry (much of it is rather dreary and some is incredibly racist), and not enough of his letters.  I am not a fan of his dream fiction but his “weird fiction” or horror stuff is tremendous and not your typical fare.  Movies made from his stories have generally been awful, though, mainly due to too much change or trying to make the stories humorous.  The Cthulhu Lives gang has begun making films true to the original stories, and I have great hopes that these movies will be good.  The trailer is definitely promising.

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May 10th, 2010 by Fr. Greg