Leap Day Thoughts

Happy leap day – February 29!  Here in New England it was a rare “warm” – 55-60 degrees in many places – February day.  Two thoughts about leap day/leap year:

-I was born in late February – I just celebrated my birthday – and ever since I can remember, when people find out my birthdate they most always say something like “you were almost a leap year baby!”.  The problem with this is I was born in an odd, not even, year – it could not have been a leap year.  Of course, if it had been a leap year, I would have indeed been a leap year baby whatever date I was born. I would have been a leap day baby if the day was right.

-How does the Orthodox Church calendar handle the leap day?  The main saint who is celebrated is St. John Cassian – more about him here.  Interestingly, when it is not a leap year his feast moves to February 28.  This has never made sense to me – if you are born on Feb. 29 you would, I imagine, celebrate your birthday during non-leap years on March 1, which is one exact year after  Feb. 29.  The wiki site has the other saints commemorated on this day, but there is nothing about how or if readings shift.  During the course of the calendar year, the entire New Testament, except for Revelation, is read.  Some days will have the same readings – very often martyrs have the same passage read, for example.  I would think the readings today are repeated from another day.

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February 29th, 2016 by Fr. Greg

New Article Coming Soon

A new Our Faith article will soon be up on the church’s website.  Here is the first paragraph:

I have a fun fact book about the Bible called Why Are There No Cats In The Bible?.  It is a good read and contains many lists and short articles about the Good Book.  But think about it – aren’t there lions in the Bible, as in the story of Daniel in the lions’ den?  Lions appear in several places in scripture, and lions are indeed cats.  In the section of the book called Animals and Birds of the Bible, there is clarification – the author says there are no domestic cats in the Bible and in parenthesis says that the cats mentioned in Baruch 6:22 are thought to be wild cats rather than house ones.  I decided to look up the reference and opened my Bible (only Orthodox and Catholic Bibles have the book of Baruch; Protestant Bibles will not have it unless there is a section for “deuterocanonicals” or “apocrypha”).  I turned to the book of Baruch and was surprised to find that Baruch ends with chapter 5 verse 9.  There was no Baruch 6:22.  What was going on here – where was the missing chapter?

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February 24th, 2016 by Fr. Greg